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Monday, February 20, 2012 10:33 PM
New Shoes + Updates

I'm now kicking on full gear in preparation for 28th March.
400m - 56.25s
What's full gear without gear? (Pun intended)

Nike Zoom Rival S IV:

Nike Lunar Elite:

LOL. My Nikes are so damn sexy. Way better than all the women in the world. JKJK.

Here is another one: Li Ning (China brand, sucks & some more so exx)

Feet size US 10 and growing. UGH. Bigfoot.

I can finally sprint 400m without feeling any fatigue at all! Think that 17th Feb I had finally broken the one minute barrier. I know I might sound "damn! you so noob!" but it's really a great achievement for me. I think I will be in cross country for another few years and it's time to let go of the 100m tagline. Changing of blog banner soon I guess?
It has been a great start in the year 2012, I had achieved my "man" shape since I started working out last year. I had a great coach who is the women's long distance record holder, I have a dedicated friend who also love sports. I have come a long way, learning a whole lot of new stuff. I may be dumb and lack proficiency in sports, seeing people younger than me are faster when I was in their age but I will work hard and clinch a national title. I just won't give up.

Signing off, enjoy the photo spam!

I can't, I won't compare myself with Michael Phelps, I'm on the track; he's in the water. We can't compare too much. He's the best in what he do.
— Usain Bolt

Saturday, February 11, 2012 6:44 PM
Another pair of spikes (hopefully)

It's been two years. I know that this is not the perfect spike for me. But it is brilliant. Now, I just can't wear it anymore.
My wish: from this
to this:

Nike rocks. No biases. Just by testing out all the brands and I've realised that Nike is still the number one choice. Anyone want to sponsor me a pair of Puma?
My pair of free running shoes also spoil liao. Should I get the $99 Puma Faas? I only have $30 as the time of the post.. :'(

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 9:31 PM
It's being such a long time..

I'm back. Alive and kicking hard. It's been close to three years since I started track as a devoted sport. Sad to say that it takes at 10, 000 hours of practice to master perfection, and I'm far away from that.

My feet has had gotten too big. Yeah. First feet, the arms and leg. Followed by torso and shoulders. Growing up, stronger and sharper. I guess I could say I have completed part 1 of stage 1 — the starting part block?

HAHAS. Track is tiring. You just repeat and repeat the same action over and over and over again. When the race comes.. BOOM! It only last slightly more than 10 seconds. And you are done. One year of training, just for that few seconds.

However, I LOVE track & field. There is something so captivating about it. Maybe I'm not a good swimmer so I want myself to be the best at land. Maybe it's the hard, pumping and exhilarating sprint that causes adrenaline to flow into your bloodstream. Maybe just for the fun, for health, for life or for the love.

2012 season is here. So here is another quote.

It's very lonely out there. No one is going to bother. The path is long and harsh. The pain is searing. And it's still worth the sweat and tears.
Time for me to get 2 new pair of shoes. I need my spikes to be able to fit my gigantic feet. Stupid Adidas just gave up on me in like one year. Budget? $100. Pathetic.

Oh well. Just you and me. Happie 22nd July in advance. I still love you. (:

perspiration & teardrops. those are the athletes who inspire me.

Greetings all people!
Kaixuan here with his athlete's autobiography.
I want to input every experience I've achieved into this blog because
every time I go for competition I always didn't perform as 100% on the track. ):
I wanna learn from my mistakes and run my best and hopefully others can benefit from this blog. Cheers!
PS. Cbox is always on your bottom right corner of the screen.

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hit the tracks.

[My 5 step principle]
1. Be calm, be cool and be on the blocks.

2. Step off the blocks as fast as possible.

3. Accelerate, get the rhythm.

4. Co-ordination and focus, maintain speed.

5. Finish with a dive.

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