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Tuesday, January 25, 2011 5:50 PM
i still remember...

I still remember Kang Yee Cher on 14th July 2009 evening. He ran the 4x300m fourth leg, he overtook 6 people from 7th to 1st! Once he took his baton from the 3rd person, he sprinted like the "BATMAN"! Around the bend, he overtook the person like OHMIGOSH! In the end, he just flew to the finish. 1st place for Fuhua Primary School C'division boys.

I still remember on 22nd July 2009 afternoon, the 4x100m relay for A'division boys. And why the hell SST DSA must be on 18th July 2009? I missed the training and I ended up running the first leg. I was like blazing fast for the first leg, taking a huge gain but that Ashari walked to far from the exchange zone and he took the baton outside it. It was an automatic disqualification. Why? If everything goes well, I would have a silver medal! Even I ran the last leg, I would have at least get 3rd. I won't mind as long JPS did not get disqualified. Then the next day announcement won't be concealing the fact that we got disqualified! :(

Friday, January 21, 2011 5:20 PM
nooo!... i'm quite slacking :(

So today, I ran a total of 3.6 km in my best, okay it is the 2.8 km first part. I took about 14 mins 20 + seconds and 3 mins 5 seconds for the 800 m part. Geeesh. I feel so slack. Today is January 21st... By right I should be like chionging everyday liao...

Okay, some reminds for me:
Remember to massage the calf muscles, it really make my leg feel less sore!
90° or right angle for the elbow at all times, and full "ups" to my chin level...
Wait! Or it is I run better if I like Shahrir the fast guy like upper arm stay by the shoulder and only the wrist above part swing... That is like more awkward... Shall go try out :)

perspiration & teardrops. those are the athletes who inspire me.

Greetings all people!
Kaixuan here with his athlete's autobiography.
I want to input every experience I've achieved into this blog because
every time I go for competition I always didn't perform as 100% on the track. ):
I wanna learn from my mistakes and run my best and hopefully others can benefit from this blog. Cheers!
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1. Be calm, be cool and be on the blocks.

2. Step off the blocks as fast as possible.

3. Accelerate, get the rhythm.

4. Co-ordination and focus, maintain speed.

5. Finish with a dive.

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