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Tuesday, July 19, 2011 10:36 PM
it's been a long time since?

it's been so long since i have posted some pictures. lately i'm enjoying some scenic photography, so no people inside and just the loveliness of the track :)

 The finish line with the the alluring cumulus clouds in the background

Perspective. I love the shadows casted on the track in contrast with the green field

Ground closeup, and the neat row of houses looks so miniature now :D

The weather is just so fine. You gotta love CCK stadium

a long break?

Oh hi. I haven't really practised sprinting for like two months?? LOL. I think I'm really caught up with schoolwork. HEYHEY don't start accusing me of being lazy okay! I have been through some long distance 3 times a week, running around CCK area and doing some resistance training.

So far I think my diet plan work(ed/ing). Goal is to eat breakfast everyday and consume less sugared stuff. I feel hungry all the time, idk. Problem meet with solution: eat more. Ya, I'm like eating and eating and eating a lot everyday and I am starting to feel more energied without the need of coffee. :D

ermerm. I guess I will be back on the track once my left arm recovers completely. Pain is the number one obstacle of running, shall I continue or rest for a period before I start training intensively?

There is only about 8 months left before the next track & field season plus will I run on sports day? c'mon give me a chance nah. Time will tell.

As athletes, we're used to reacting quickly. Here, it's 'come, stop, come, stop.' There's a lot of downtime. That's the toughest part of the day.
Michael Jordan

perspiration & teardrops. those are the athletes who inspire me.

Greetings all people!
Kaixuan here with his athlete's autobiography.
I want to input every experience I've achieved into this blog because
every time I go for competition I always didn't perform as 100% on the track. ):
I wanna learn from my mistakes and run my best and hopefully others can benefit from this blog. Cheers!
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hit the tracks.

[My 5 step principle]
1. Be calm, be cool and be on the blocks.

2. Step off the blocks as fast as possible.

3. Accelerate, get the rhythm.

4. Co-ordination and focus, maintain speed.

5. Finish with a dive.

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